RPI Engineering


The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers programs leading to the M.S., M.Eng., and Ph.D. degrees.

Master’s Programs

Both the M.S. and M. Eng. degrees require completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours.  The M.S. degree requires a written thesis as well as an oral presentation to the scientific community.  A three-credit capstone independent study project is required for the M. Eng. degree.  Applications directly to the Master's program are typically accepted from students with funding for the study from an external organization, such as industry, government, or foundations.

Doctoral Program

The Ph.D. degree requires completion of 72 credit hours. Students must complete at least 27 credits of course work, the remainder being credits for research work leading to a Ph.D. thesis. The program must include 18 credits from  five core graduate courses (Advanced Mechanical Properties (4 credits), Advanced Thermodynamics (4 credits),  Advanced Electronic Properties (3 credits), Advanced Structure of Materials (4 credits), and Advanced Kinetics of Materials Reactions (3 credits). The first three courses are offered each fall semester, and the latter two courses each spring semester. The program must also include at least nine additional credits from three graduate level (6000-level) courses in the School of Engineering or the School of Science. The student must pass an oral preliminary examination covering the five core subjects, and oral candidacy examination, as well as defend the Ph.D. thesis.

Students wishing to apply for admission to the Spring term should contact the Graduate Admissions Chair,  Dr. Ganpati Ramanath, prior to beginning the application process.

Graduate Student Housing

College Suites at City Station is a new housing community built exclusively for Rensselaer graduate students and graduate-level affiliates.

Developed to make locating and entering housing at Rensselaer a hassle-free process, it is within walking distance of the campus, enjoys Rensselaer services such as the Rensselaer Red Hawk Shuttle, and is, at the same time, an off-campus private community in itself.

Rensselaer provides family housing through a partnership with College Suites at City Station South.

City Station South offers an atmosphere where residents with families can sit back and live, learn, and relax. College Suites provides the convenience and quality of life you need to focus on balancing your academic and home life. Located just slightly off the southern edge of the RPI campus in Troy, these beautiful, affordable apartments provide all the comforts of home right next to the Rensselaer campus.

Graduate Admissions Chair

Ganpati Ramanath | ramanath@rpi.edu | (518) 276-6844

Graduate Admissions Coordinator

Nancy Beatty, beattn@rpi.edu, (518) 276-6372